Terms and Conditions

Shipping Terms

Western Rugged Tools will prepay any order exceeding $500 to all major centers within Western Canada using it’s carrier of choice. Orders less than this amount can be shipped for a flat fee of $25.

Western Rugged Tools will pick and ship orders within 3 business days or less (delivery will take an additional 1-7 business days depending on proximity to our Port Coquitlam warehouse). Western Rugged insures all prepaid shipments from theft or damage to the customer’s door. Customer is responsible for insuring shipments in transit for FOB shipments.

Payment Terms

New Accounts: Customers who have not been approved for credit must prepay prior to shipment. In order to receive terms customer must complete standard credit application and upon approval will be eligible for 30 days net terms from date of invoice. Past due accounts are subject to a 1% per month service charge.

Delinquent accounts: Any accounts outstanding over 45 days will be put on “hold” status and will not be shipped further product.

Shipping Discrepancies & Damaged Product

Customer is responsible for reporting shipping discrepancies and/or product damaged in transit within 2 business days of delivery of product. All discrepancies should be reported by way of fax to Western Rugged office. Any discrepancies/damage not reported within this timeline may be refused.


Western Rugged Tools pricing is changed two times per year: once in January and once in July. Western Rugged Tools reserves the right to change prices at any time and without notice, however will only do so in cases of extreme price volatility.


Seba Trade Group Inc. offers two separate warranties outlined below:

Fill Rates

Western Rugged Tools strives to maintain a fill rate greater than 90% for its customers. Spikes in demand or delays in shipping can result in lower fill rates, however Western Rugged Tools is committed to doing our utmost to maintain 90% or greater fill rates. All backorders are logged and reviewed with customers prior to shipment. Western Rugged Tools does not cover freight on backorders unless prepaid level is attained.


H Style Gridwall unit: Western Rugged Tools can provide a stand-alone metal grid wall display unit. The display unit occupies a space 4’x4′ and requires a space of 6’x6′ in order to allow customer access. This unit is ideal for showcasing power tool line and for merchandising clamp line or power tool accessory line. The advantages of our display unit include:

  1. Greater attention and focus to Western Rugged line.
  2. Clean and professional display of full line of products.
  3. Ability to take power tools out of package, which increases sales as customers are able to feel the product. This also deters customers from opening multiple packages.

Western Rugged Tools believes the addition of the H style grid wall unit is a sign of commitment to the line from the dealer. As a result Western Rugged Tools assists the dealer with this investment by subsidizing the cost of the unit and by assisting in the setup of the unit. Western Rugged Tools will pay for all signage on the unit and the retailer pays for all hardware. Our sales rep will also assist in the initial setup and display of the unit. The total cost to the dealer is generally $450 for this unit.

In store signage: If a dealer is interested in committing a section of their shelving to Western Rugged product then Western Rugged Tools will assist in marketing the area by committing Western Rugged signage. This signage generally identifies the product lines to be carried in the dedicated area. This type of program is dealt with case-by-case and must receive prior authorization from Sunjeev prior to commitment to customer.